I began my Yoga practice 6 years ago. It was not an easy journey. Since childhood I have always done sports and focused on strength and agility. However, I struggled with my lack of mobility and flexibility. I always hear "I'm not flexible so I cant do yoga". I believe that we all begin at different stages but where there's a will theres a way, Nothing is impossible with a little patience and a lot of drive. 

After becoming a personal trainer and specializing in post-recovery I have focused on implementing those techniques into my Yoga Training.


One-on-one Live or Virtual Yoga sessions

zone into your specific needs, be it recovering from an injury or progressing on inversions.

Each session is unique to your progress.


Corporate/non-corporate Live or Virtual Yoga classes

Open to all levels, beginners to advanced. A good way to keep the team active and upbeat throughout the month.

(Min. 5 Pax)

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"Over some sessions with Mila, I see a big difference in what I could do and what I can! She’s taken note of my injuries , my weak spots and my goals - and I’m so happy with the results! From not being able to attempt a crow to floating for a few seconds; from supported side planks to legit ones, she’s able to give great direction (and homework) - virtually ! :) In addition to this, she’s a lovely human and accommodates your timings, provides feedback on videos/pictures of your stance and has the best energy! Thank you Mila! ❤️ "

-Karin (Singapore)


"Highly recommend Mila! It’s been a pleasure getting trained by her whilst living overseas.  These classes are fun and for the strong! I instantly feel recharged after my sessions with Mila x "

- Ziya (New Zealand)


"I first knew Mila through Boom Singapore, and her quirky and bubbly personality really allowed me to enjoy her classes because they were always so full of energy. 

Her Yoga sessions were no different. I was never one to take up Yoga because I always had the notion that an amateur like me with 0 flexibility wouldn’t fit in to the environment. But her classes were always calming and they were good and quality content! So I’m really glad to have the opportunity to attend her classes :) "


- Francesca (Singapore)

"I am not someone who is very flexible so I have always feared yoga . But my experience with Mila’s video classes has been so good that I continued. It helped me to stay fit physically and mentally . 
Helped me make my weaknesses stronger - like helped me with my troubled ankle, helped me to get my hormonal balance in place , made me more flexible than I was , improved my metabolism.. 

In all I had a great experience ! "

- Ayantika (Singapore)

"Mila taught me to like yoga! That’s the biggest compliment I can ever give a teacher! Her energy, her passion transfer through the screen (zoom classes). I love the enthusiasm she exudes. She brings so much care, and attention to her classes, yet at the same time making it fun for beginners like myself. I am glad i gave yoga a chance with her, and have never looked back since."

- June (Singapore) 

"The most energising and uplifting classes! Mila’s feel-good spirit and knowledgable breakdown of movements and flows is incredibly useful for all levels."

- Ting (Singapore)

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