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I grew up in South America, running in the mountains and climbing trees. I was always super active so when I began doing HIIT it was like second nature to me. As for Boxing, despite falling in love with it straight away I was very prone to injuries and my body was not prepared for such impact.

This is what sparked my curiosity in regards to proper injury prevention and correct form.

HIIT is a great way to get fit and have fun, however safety first. I focus on proper form during high intensity trainings specifically. In the Private HIIT sessions I am able to focus a bit more on to your particular body requirements, especially taking into consideration past or existing injuries/afflictions. In group HIIT we are always able to communicate prior concerning any injuries or health issues.


One-on-One Live Weight Training programme designed for you to reach your goals;

| Posture Correction

| Post-Rehabilitation

| Weight-loss

| Toning & Strengthening


HIIT Virtual provides a 45 minute bodyweight high intensity workout and 15 minute stretch for you and your team.

If private, this will be tailored to your body.



"I first met Mila at one of the larger chain of gyms about 1.5 years ago. She is an amazing ball of energy despite her demeanour. Her patience and determination to elevate my level of fitness kept me accountable, and she was willing to stick it out with me when my fitness level was little to almost none.

Mila is fiercely loyal and has inspired me to grow and try exercises/activities (eg., yoga! boxing!) outside of my comfort zone. When we first started, having experienced many negative instances with other personal trainers previously, one of my priorities was consistency. Mila did not disappoint, is always well prepared, and very flexible to ensure that we can work our crazy schedules to slot in our sessions.

Always open to listen and discuss with me my fitness goals and performance, Mila also sets her expectations clearly to motivate and encourage me, and I look forward to these challenges. With her knowledge and experience, we work together to tweak my workouts in order to achieve my goals. Sessions with her are fun and not intimidating, and she has taught me that fitness is a journey, and never a linear path. Her emphasis on proper form and engaging the correct muscles made me enjoy the technical aspects like understanding how my body effectively works and adapts to pain. I have learnt so much from her and is thankful for being assigned to her by chance 1.5 years ago. Since then, we have clocked over 120 PT sessions (and counting) and I would highly recommend her! (: "

- Allison (Singapore)

"When I got relocated to Singapore, I looked for a PT with good technical skills but also someone with a great mindset and strong values. That’s how my journey with Mila started.

I’ve been training with Mila for 1.5 years now and I cannot thank her enough for what she has bought to me. We started with boxing and hiit/circuit sessions where she helped me to get the body and health I always wanted. In January I unfortunately got my lower back injured and I couldn’t do any form of exercises for 2 months. Since I couldn’t do any workout with high impact, together we decided to start to stimulate the body with yoga and that’s how Mila brought me back to the mat after a break of nearly 5 years.

Our sessions are challenging, diversified, disciplined and fun at the same time.

Mila has literally played a crucial role in my recovery not only through our sessions but by being available, listening to me, advising me, encouraging me and motivating me. She has this ability to understand people needs, adapt herself and provide the best solution all the time. She combines both training and coaching which is really rare with PT.

She has impacted positively my workout journey but also my lifestyle.
Mila has the ability and capability to unlock your potential in order to overreach your goals. But not only that, she always pushes you to surpass yourself and go further. Mila naturally cares about people and is passionated about what she does which makes a big difference in this industry.

Honestly I just don’t know what I would do without Mila. She is definitely part of my life now and when my session finished I just can’t wait for the next one !! "

- Tiffany (Singapore) 

"Trained with Mila at my lowest point where I had zero coordination/tone/strength and I remember not even being able to do one push up. Mila was always very encouraging and made all sessions super fun and engaging. She incorporates a lot of dynamic movements and by the end of our time together, Not only did I manage to squeeze out some push-ups, I even managed to do assisted pull-ups! 

Love how she pushed me to be my strongest, fittest self, and never once made me feel discouraged during my journey. "


- Rachel (Singapore)

"Going to class with Mila, be it virtual or in person, is the breath of fresh air that my workouts need. Her bubbly, addictive character make me really want to be there, and my fitness is improving as a result! She is clear with instructions, patient with beginners, and makes the room (or my screen) full with a burst of enjoyable energy that had everyone smiling throughout (even during Abs day....)! I can't recommend her enough."

- Nick (Singapore)

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